How Well Do You Know Vocaloid?

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There are many Vocaloid Fans, but few are experts . What is a Vocaloid Superfan? A Vocaloid superfan is someone who has an extrodinary vocaloid knowledge, is able to solve complex questions about vocaloid, and see the world through an entirely manga point of view.

Are YOU a Vocaloid Superfan? Do you have the knowledge to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: amazon
  1. I Will Start Easy Then It Will Get Harder. How Many Engloids (English Vocaloids) Are There?
  2. What UTAUloid Got Adopted By Vocaloid?
  3. What Is Rin And Len?
  4. Ok This Has No Right Answer I Want To Know Your Opinion. What Do You Ship?
  5. Now It Gets Hard. What Program Was Meiko And Kaito Later Pached To?
  6. What Is The Newest Vocaloid?
  7. What Vocaloid Is Most Well Known In Fandom?
  8. What Are The Names Of The 3 Child Vocaloids?
  9. What Language Does No Vocaloid Speak?
  10. What Is Megurine Luka's Genderbends Name?
  11. What 3 Fanmade Vocaloids Are On The Project Diva Games?
  12. True Or False. Does Ueki-loid's Voice Bank Get Relesed 6/30/2012?
  13. What Wa sThe First Miku Hatsune Song To Be Sung At A Concert?
  14. What Year Did Meiko And Kaito Join The Concerts?
  15. What Is The Correct First Line To This Sweet Ann/Big Al Song?
  16. What Is The Most Popular Vocaloid Video On Youtube?
  17. What Song Is A Original Gumi and Len Song?

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