How Much Do You Know About Vocaloid?

There are like 1 billion Vocaloid fans on the earth. (Perhaps in space too.) Do you think you really know Vocaloid? Do you know Lola? Do you know how high SeeU can go? There's a lot of things I don't know about Vocaloid too.

Do you really know your Voca-facts? Can you answer the questions above? Then test your skills on the quiz! Don't worry, it's not too hard. Okay, now let's do it and show your skills! :)

Created by: Vocalgon
  1. Don't worry, I don't know much either. Okay, who is called the the first Vocaloid Diva?
  2. Where was Vocaloid first made/found?
  3. First two Japanese Vocaloids are....?
  4. Up to July 2012, Vocaloid (number) has been made. ( Fill in the number.)
  5. How was Akita Neru made?
  6. The first real/official biolingual Vocaloid?
  7. Who was the voice provider for Kagamine Rin and Len? (This one is slightly harder so only 5 answers to choose from.)
  8. Which of the answers below is NOT one of the main reasons that SeeU is often hated? (POOR SEEU!!! D:)
  9. Who was the first released Vocaloid3?
  10. Who is the lowest female Vocaloid?
  11. Who is the female Vocaloid 3 with the red hair, the optimum range of F2~E4, and the tempo of 40~200BPM?
  12. Who is the newest Vocaloid being produced? (Hint: This Vocaloid is still only partly made. A voice sample has been given out.)
  13. Which language has NOT been produced in Vocaloid?
  14. What does MMD stand for?
  15. Where did IA's name come from?
  16. Which of the answers is NOT one of Megpoid GUMI's Voicebanks?
  17. Which two Vocaloid were the original singers of Magnet?
  18. Which of these is one of SeeU's demo songs?
  19. Which of these is one of Utatane Piko's flaws?
  20. How old is Kasane Teto? (Kasane is not a official Vocaloid, but has a bio.)
  21. Which of these is not a well-known deriative of Hatsune Miku?
  22. What is the Vocaloid Item War?
  23. Who is the developer of Vocaloid?

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