What Female Vocaloid Are You?

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Vocaloid. If your taking this quiz, your either bored out of your mind or love vocaloid. Probably both to be honest. This quiz is only about the female vocaloids, just to make it easier to calculate answers and because there are a hell of a lot of vocaloids.

Because there are so many, I decided the quiz should be about one specific gender, so the gender question will not have any effect. Which vocaloid are you? Are you Luka? Miku? Gumi? Find out! :3.

Created by: Electra
  1. What's your favourite out of the ones below?
  2. What's your favorite food?
  3. An annoying insect bites you. You...
  4. Your motto is...
  5. Favourite male vocaloid?
  6. What would you do if Len gave you flowers?
  7. Dress sense?
  8. If you could dye your hair ANY color, what color would you dye it?
  9. Sweet tooth?
  10. Last question...
  11. Ha!! No it isn't!! I fooled you!!
  12. What was the first ever song you listen to out of the selected ones below?
  13. What color are your nails? (or what would they be if you could paint them)
  14. A bully is bullying your best friend in front of you. You react by...
  15. Ok, I promise you the next question will be the last one.
  16. So, last question. Do you sing into a hairbrush as a microphone in front of the mirror alone in your room or on camera to evaluate your performance?

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Quiz topic: What Female Vocaloid am I?