Guess the vocaloid song English

These aren't the English dubs you'll find on YouTube! This is the REAL DEAL! And to be honest I think most of you vocaloid fans will get the answers right anyways! I believe in yooouuu!!!

Anyways... This quiz will see how much English you know in vocaloid songs! Have you taken your time and memorized them by heart or I'd you just look up crappy dubs on YouTube!

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. The world is so wonderful and we only have one chance to be here, so tell me why you're hurting yourself
  2. The weather report lied, it's pouring down. My umberella is still in my bag and it won't do. So I gave a sigh.
  3. My fault? Let's call it a cut mistake! Complaints are not permitted!
  4. You and I together, meow meow. Our cat ears are quantum physics!
  5. One day. They took me. To a pretty white room. I've been here. Ever since.
  6. A lonely scientist developed a robot. The results were only to be "a miracle"
  7. Now, drink it. You like it, don't you? Vegetable juice! I've decided! I've decided it just now!
  8. "You are all mine, until you die here. Imprisoned. How delightful!"
  9. As dawn breaks I become uneasy and burst into tears. You whisper "it's okay" yet you are crying too?
  10. An old building out of the sun's reach Hallways with decay starting to leach Behind the door in a dark back room Were children remembered by what, by whom?
  11. Dub-i dub-i chu-ppa-ppa Dub-you dub-you dub-you-yeah-yeah! Dub-i dub-i chu-ppa-ppa Dub-you dub-you dub-you-yeah
  12. When I wake up in my canopy bed. A steaming bagel sandwich is there with a voice "good morning princess"
  13. These are real lyrics by the way. Not the stupid crappy ones you find dubbed on YouTube

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