Is Your Warrior's OC A Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

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Thank you so much for even considering to take this quiz. For anyone who has ever written a Warriors Fanfiction, or just created their own OC, (original character) for fun should take this quiz to see if their OC is a Mary Sue or Gary Stu.

A Mary Sue or Gary Stu is a character that is all to perfect and beautiful and kind and loving. A Mary Sue is the girl version, and a Gary Stu is the boy version. Basically you don't want your OC to be one of these. Take this quiz to find out if you should change them or not!

Created by: Ceci

  1. What gender is your OC?
  2. Do they have any big drama in their past?
  3. How do they handle their drama?
  4. If their parents/siblings/friends died, how did they die?
  5. What's there personality type?
  6. What does your OC look like?
  7. What is your cat best known for?
  8. Role play time! Your leader is fighting an enemy and is about to die, but your mate is also fighting and about to die, and so are your kit's. You can only save one, who do you save? Your leader, your mate, or your kits?
  9. You push the attacker off your leader, but your leader has already lost his/her life. What do you do?
  10. You save your mate, but they are already so injured that they probably wont live.
  11. You save the kits and they are alright! But your leader and mate are both dead, but you get a message from StarClan that says that if you kill the kits you will get your mate and leader back. What do you do?
  12. How did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Is my Warrior's OC A Mary Sue/Gary Stu?