Is Your OC a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

Hello, welcome to the Mary Sue/Gary Stu quiz! Here I'll be showing you if your OC is too op/tragic, or too simple, or if it's just right! Hope you enjoy the quiz!

Some additional info:If you don't think the answers are accurate, please know that I do not score these, I only decide what each answer is worth, not what your final score is .This is just for fun! I hope your answers don't offend you and that you have some fun with this little test I made. Thanks for playing! <3

Created by: Chloe the OC Maker
  1. What is their species?
  2. How rare is their species?
  3. What kind of name do they have?
  4. Are they a popular kid?
  5. What is their IQ range?
  6. Do you mention a famous person/celebrity/band to describe a certain talent? (Singing voice, instrument playing, art skills, strength, etc)
  7. Are they evil, kind, or in between?
  8. If they're a fan character, are they shipped/dating/married/crushing on a canon character?
  9. Are they an insane psychopath/murder/etc?
  10. Have others described them as op/too perfect/Mary Sue/Gary Stu/etc?
  11. If they're a one of a kind breed, are they discriminated or bullied for it?
  12. Do they have an absolutely TRAGIC backstory?
  13. Was their death scene dramatic, unusual, normal, or silent?
  14. Do they have any rare items or accessories or anything of the sort?
  15. Last but not least, do you think you'll have a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, a Plain Jane/Plain Joe, or a very reasonable and believable character? (Doesn't affect your score!)

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Quiz topic: Is my OC a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?