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  • It says my character is pretty dull, but you should hear the backstory.

    Her name is Ravenheart. As a kit she always played with Fawnkit, but uh-oh, Fawnkit dies of Greencough. When she becomes an apprentice (which is delayed due to the lack of warriors) she has a great mentor. But then she stumbled down a ledge and to everyone, she was dead. But no, she wasn't. She lived the next couple of moons as an outcast because an ancient spirit told her not to return to the Clans, and that spirit turned out to he from the Dark Forest. When Ravenpaw decided to go back, she realized Hawkfeather (her mentor), and Sagestar where missing. Blah blah blah travel travel travel, she found out they were dead. As a warrior, she was killed by a dog.


  • The quiz was ok, but i found it kinda stupid that you could choose between saving the leader, your mate or your kits. And with the second question about the leader and your mate you could choose didnt save them, but with the kits you couldnt. And since my main ocs a medicine cat, most of these questions werent really within her character.

  • the quiz is ok, but for somethings, I think there should be more options.