Is Your Character a Self-Insert?

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Is your character a self-insert? This in depth quiz can help you find out. After all, the first step to recovery is accepting you have a problem (or your character in this case).

This quiz is intended to be used to diagnose if a character is a self-insert. This quiz works for both original characters for original stories and fan characters.

Created by: Stelluna of Stelluna's Writing 101
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  1. Does your character have the same name as you?
  2. Is your character in the same age group as you?
  3. Does your character dress like you or in a way you'd like to dress?
  4. Do you and your character share similar hobbies?
  5. Does your character have any hobbies they don't share with you?
  6. Does your character have knowledge that you'd like to have? (ex. knowledge of a foreign language, music, science, etc.)
  7. Are you and your character generally interested in the same things? (ex. same genre of music, books, games, movies, etc.)
  8. Do you and your character have the same or similar profession?
  9. Does your character have a profession you wish you could have or intend to pursue?
  10. Do you and your character like the same types of food? (Not necessarily just specific foods, but also just generally salty foods, sweet foods, spicy foods, etc.)
  11. Does your character have the same hair color as you or a hair color you'd like to have?
  12. Does your character have the same eye color as you or have an eye color you'd like to have?
  13. Is your character the same height as you or the height you'd like to be?
  14. Does your character have the same body build as you or one that you would like?
  15. Is your character a type of creature you'd like to be? (ex. a vampire, angel, werewolf, kemonomimi (person with animal ears), etc.)
  16. Does your character look like you or the way you'd like to look in real life?
  17. Do you and your character generally act the same way?
  18. Does your character act the way you wished you acted?
  19. Does your character share any speaking patterns or mannerisms of yours? (ex. using words you use frequently, moving their hands the way you do when you talk, etc.)
  20. Do other characters in your story treat your character the way you wish people in real life would treat you?
  21. Is your character good at anything that you wish you were good at in real life? (ex. singing, programming, running, etc.)
  22. Does your character have any special powers you wish you had in real life?
  23. Does your character live a life you wish you could live?
  24. Does your character have anything that you wish you could have in real life? (ex. wealth, a pet, a particular item, etc.)
  25. Does your character have a love interest that fits your criteria?
  26. If you answered yes to the previous question, is your character's love interest based on someone you have a crush on in real life or your ideal guy or girl?
  27. Is your character able to do and does certain things you're not allowed to do, but that you want to do? (ex. go to clubs, drink, etc.)
  28. Is your character frequently praised by other characters for how cool, nice, pretty, etc. they are?
  29. Is your character not bound by the rules of reality? (ex. they can bend the universe to their will, etc.)
  30. Would you want to hang out with your character in real life?
  31. If someone doesn't like your character or gives you critique on it, do you take it as a personal attack?
  32. Do you ever wish/pretend to be your character?

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