Is your OC a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

This quiz will show if your OC is a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, which can be hard to sympathize with. These characters always can have room for improvement, like adding a few flaws in.

Is your character a Mary Sue/Gary Stu? Is your character a little too perfect? This quiz will show you, at least in my opinion. Or does your character need more positive traits? Select the answer to the questions and continue.

Created by: Yushoiru_Quiz

  1. Does she/he have stunning eyes that people drown in?
  2. Does she/he have unnatural looks? (Unless fantasy/magical character with other magical characters)
  3. Does your OC have rare powers/rare species?
  4. Is your OC a killer/assassin?
  5. Is your OC unforgiving and receives only karma?
  6. Is your OC a hybrid next to many normal anthropomorphic/human Characters?
  7. How pretty from 1-10?
  8. Is it the hated child that is the royal Hybrid Princess/Prince?
  9. Is your character related to a main villain/hero?
  10. How many characters have a crush on them?
  11. How many flaws?

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Quiz topic: Is my OC a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?