Is your OC a mary-sue/gary stu?

Hey guys its Lunartealeaf7! This is a quiz that was inspired by other quizes made by users. Just to let you know, your oc is unique, unless it is a mary sue. Have fun!

A mary-sue is a oc or character that is very overpowered in many many ways. Many mary-sues are joke ocs, while some are fixed into a better character.

Created by: Lunartealeaf7

  1. Is your oc a hybrid? If so, how many animals are in the hybrid?
  2. What type of color is used in your oc?
  3. Does your oc have a royal or powerful title such as "King" or "Governor"?
  4. Do they have powers? If so, how many powers do they have?
  5. How nice are they?
  6. Does your oc have a tragic backstory? If so, did anyone die in their backstory that was important to them?
  7. Does your oc have a tragic backstory? If so, did anyone bully them?
  8. How many love interests do they have?
  9. How old are they?
  10. Do they beat up/tell off/kill your least favorite character? If a fan character.
  11. How is their body shape?
  12. Do they have/used to have any diseases?
  13. Do they have any pets? If so, how many?
  14. Does your oc have a pet?
  15. Does your character have unusual colored hair?

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Quiz topic: Is my OC a mary-sue/gary stu?