Is your OC a Mary Sue/ Gary Stu?

Ahh, do you wish to write a story about a character? Or do you want to role-play with a character? I love to do that, but watch out, your character might be a Mary Sue. (A Gary Stu is a male Mary Sue.)

What is a Mary Sue? A Mary Sue is an overly perfect character that other characters love when it’s in the story but other people hate when it’s in a roleplay. These are often mistakes, but you want to avoid a perfect Sue.

Created by: ArcticGlory

  1. Hi! Anyway, On a scale of 1-8, with 1 being straight ugly and 8 being the most beautiful character in the story, how pretty is your character?
  2. Does your character have a tragic past?
  3. What hair color does your OC have?
  4. What eye color does your OC have?
  5. Is your OC a stereotype?
  6. Is your OC magical?
  7. What is your FEMALE OC’s body type? (For non-female, click “Not female”)
  8. What is your MALE OC’s muscle type? (Or press not male)
  9. How old is your OC?
  10. What is your OC’s gender?
  11. Does your OC have any of your names?
  12. How many other characters fall in love with your OC?
  13. Is your OC a dere?
  14. Last, do you think your OC is a Mary Sue?

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Quiz topic: Is my OC a Mary Sue/ Gary Stu?