Is Your Original Character a Mary-Sue or Anti-Sue?

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You are thinking if your character is a Mary-Sue or Anti-Sue. This quiz is also for boys, but I don't want to write Gary-Sue a lot of times. Remember, this quiz isn't always accurare.

If you are reading this, you will get a tip. The picture shows you the tip: study. Study the characters from books and see why they are likeable. Good luck!

Created by: Fire Fox

  1. Is your character part of a prophecy?
  2. Is your character the Chosen One?
  3. Is your character named after you?
  4. Is your character a female or male?
  5. How old are they?
  6. Does your character have a tragic past?
  7. Are their parents dead?
  8. How many friends does your character have?
  9. How many boyfriends or girlfriends does the character have?
  10. Did the character have her/his first kiss?
  11. Does you character have flaws?
  12. Is your character beautiful or ugly?
  13. Are they smart or dumb?
  14. Do they have magic powers?
  15. As an author, do you wish you could be that character?
  16. Do you get hurt if someone says they hate your character?

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Quiz topic: Is my Original Character a Mary-Sue or Anti-Sue?