Invader Zim character trivia

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Wanna know and test out your skills and knowledge on invader Zim and it's unique absurd characters? This is the mission for you then! See how much you know fellow invader!

The questions at first will be somewhat easy but just like every task and skill it will get harder and more tricky with every task given. You up for the challenge?

Created by: Zimswife
  1. Who is the main character in the show that is from the Irken race and is trying to overrule earth?
  2. Who is the little robot companion of the evil invader?
  3. Who is the aliens main rival and is obsessive over the paranormal activity?
  4. Who is a huge gamer and hates anyone who is in their way?
  5. Who is the scientist and genius on planet earth who owns two kids?
  6. Who is the old and creepy teacher that is very crabby?
  7. Who is the famous icon for the pizza place known as bloatys pizza hog?
  8. Who is the leaders of the main alien race in the series?
  9. Who is the girl from the same alien race as the main character that tries to steal their mission?
  10. Who is the kid who is obsessed with being friends with the alien?
  11. What is the alien girls henchman's name?
  12. Who is the alien that steals the main character and forces him to work at his restaurant as punishment for failure of operation impending doom one?

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