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  • My OC Lullaby is the angel of dreams. She is very mysterious because she doesn't often talk, and sometimes she seems sad for no apparent reason. She likes to save, protect, and raise children who have been abused, orphaned, neglected, etc. Often tears will fall down her face. People don't know why it happens, but it does because all the nightmares of children are locked away inside her, so they don't get to them.

    Mizuki Koneko
  • Huh, I'm surprised I did well, since my character is a Hetalia oc (don't bash me, it's not ship fodder), and the characters are supposed to be weird, or abnormal-

    Like how America has super strength, or how Russia's heart can pop out of his chest. And how the personifications are ageless to a certain point. All without magic XD

  • 6%

    my character Nova is someone with the powers of hell (actually pretty common), specifically the ability to manipulate fire (again common in the world) and she was abandoned by her birth parents because there is a prejudice against people with her power and raised by Lady Death, her mother, who treats her as a weapon for self-preservation. She is pan, sleeps with anyone and has a ton of repressed anger issues and the inability of let go of s---

  • Thank you for your praise, Darth Vader! May the force be with you!

    Apollo's Daughter, that sound very interesting; I love dream stories! I'd love to write some of my own, but my dreams turn out a bit too whimsical to make very good material.

    Much accolades to anyone who has taken this quiz! Keep writing, all!

    -Her Grace

  • Interesting. i base mine off of some of the strangest dreams of mine. However, studying dream psychology helps in finding out why I have such dreams of my character...and even becoming said character! As random and as illogical as they may be I am assured that they all have an important message that i can now know.

  • Hey, everyone! It's the quizmaker here! Thanks so much for takinga gander at my quiz. Just took it myself--Got 9%. =) See you around!

    --Her Grace Killjoy Rainbow, Dutchess of Antarctica, Commander of the Grammar Ninjas, Unicorn Lover, Proud Accordion Player.

  • Dang. I keep getting a lot of really good answers, and I'm definitely proud about it, but I worry I need to be a little more... Well, Mary Sue about it. This is a great quiz, though! Even for fanfiction, it seems. I hope. Probably.

  • 7%. That's good because I based this story that I'm writing off of a dream that I had, so they have no magical powers, or anything like that, and they try to help people, but the government is hunting them down.

    I liked this quiz.

  • For #38, I think you should add something about the character not starting fights, but if they get in one, they'll finish it. Other than that, this test is really accurate!

  • Apparently I have to make my OC more stereotypical? There are no stereotypes in the world that my OC lives in, any suggestions about what else I can do?

  • This is a great quiz, some of the questions were really funny lol. I got 6%... Wow. That's less than I thought I would get!!

  • my OC, Foxina, is half fox half human, though in her world that's normal. she has fire magic and healing magic that are rare but do happen in her world.

  • 20%? ok. I wasn't expecting to get that high anyway.

  • Your Character is -0% Mary Sue!

    Um... I'm not joking. Why did this happen? O_O

    Pony Plorta
  • HEYYYYY GOOD ONE FOR THE ULTIMATE PUPPET MASTER! SHES 9% MARY SUE! (Yes Im talking about my danganronpa charter

  • 14%
    uwu i

    my character (ivy kumo) is like spiderman,,, its a heroaca character hee hee

  • 20% :) I'm good with that.


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