Who is your perfect bnha boyfriend

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Hi I'm AnimeotakuAsh and this is my VERY first quiz tell me if you like it or not I know I do now for those of you who know about the bnha characters I only included 4 in this quiz sorry but trust me if you like this then you'll love what comes next.

Hey tell me before you begin this paragraph is for people who don't know this anime, if you haven't watch this anime then what are you doing here you have to watch at least on episode of my hero academia to get down the basics so please do, anyway if you like this one please tell me in the comments whom I should add in my next quiz. :3 Thanks!!!

Created by: Anime Otaku Ash
  1. You see someone who drops there wallet and doesn't notice what do you do
  2. You see that some one left a note on your desk what do you assume its about
  3. A young man tells you to hand over your purse or else what do you do
  4. And last but not least what do you think about yourself
  5. Okay so its telling me to write at least ten questions so without further ado: You see a young girl running from something she looks scared she runs up to you and holds you tight what do you do
  6. Your crush walks up to you and asks you out on a date what do you do
  7. What do you do when a stranger winks at you.
  8. Your class is on a field trip and you are with your crush who is it?
  9. When you leave your house what is your choice of weapon
  10. You see a cat stuck in a tree what do you do

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