What does Katsuki Bakugou feel towards you??

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This quiz will tell you what Bakugou thinks about you. The results will be accurate ONLY tell the TRUTH. Also, you may not get what you want, but it is most likely for not telling the truth.

I tried not to be too harsh on the lower-scored results, but if you feel offended I did not try to. I made this quiz for random even though I hate Bakugou. Sorry if there is something you want to answer but it's not on there. Have fun :D

Created by: Phsylie
  1. This quiz involves rp :D(does not affect answer)
  2. You see Bakugou walking to his class. What do you do?
  3. Once you get into the classroom, the teacher announces that you will be using your Quirks on each other today for practice. You get assigned Bakugou. How do you react?
  4. Bakugou fires a blast at you. It hits you on the side, and it's painful. What do you do?
  5. He realizes he hurt you and starts laughing. You
  6. Which color of these do you like the most?
  7. Which of these is closest to your most wanted Quirk?
  8. Which of these flavors do you like the most?
  9. What do you think Bakugou would be to you?
  10. -more role play- You encounter some villains on the way home. They steal your school bag and you get pinned to the ground. Bakugou blasts at them and helps you up. You
  11. It's Bakugou's birthday, and all your friends are going. They tell you to come with them? What will you gift him?
  12. -continuing from the last question- What do you wear to the party? (you don't have to already own it)
  13. Last question- Did you answer honestly? If no, change your answer to the truth!! (this question does not affect your answer)

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