Would Rei Todoroki date you?

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The title explains itself very much, but... If you lived in My hero academia universe and met Rei Todoroki, what would she think about you? Make this quiz and find out!!

I think I don't need to say that this is NOT an official quiz, so don't be angry if the answers are not what you were expecting, I don't know in the first place why you would look for such a test (not judging you...)

Created by: Meri
  1. What do you think of Endeavor?
  2. What would you do if you had a quirk?
  3. Who is your favourite Todoroki child?
  4. What relationship do you have with your family?
  5. What activities do you like doing in your free time?
  6. It's Rei's birthday! What are your plans for the day?
  7. You were walking with Rei and suddenly, it starts raining. Rei doesn't have an umbrella.
  8. You were eating ice cream with Rei when you suddenly drop it (you idiot), and Rei offers to buy you a new one, how would you respond?
  9. Your daughter (yes, you have a daughter now) has told you she wants to become No.1 hero, how do you react?
  10. Finally, what do you think about the "superhuman" society? would you like to live in bnha universe?

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