Do you have a chance with Shoto Todoroki?

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Are you Todoroki's love interest? Well, if you want to see how compatible you are with this introverted man, I suggest you take this 13 question test to see how large or slim your chances of being with Shoto would be.

This will be a small "roleplay" type test that will give various choices for you to pick. It may not be accurate to what you would actually say, but come on, this is mostly to pass time if we are all being honest. Meaning, the results you get on this test are probably not correct. Just keep that in mind.

Created by: Dutch Brossss
  1. You're really good friends with Todoroki. One night, while you are just chillin in your dorm room, he knocks on the door in which you say:
  2. He walks in whether or not you tell him to go away. You simply watch him as he asks, "Do you want to go take a walk?" You respond by saying:
  3. He drags you out with him (or you walk willingly) and you guys start out of the campus. He asks if you want to get something to eat and that he knows somewhere that serves the best cold soba. You say:
  4. You guys end up going to the Soba place that he recommended and as you're walking there, you notice the beautiful stars that are embedded in the night sky. Shoto watches you and says, "Do you like the nighttime?" You say:
  5. As you arrive, the setting and aura around you grow seemingly warm. The dim lighting made the restaurant more chill, and somehow, romantic. You choose to sit:
  6. You settle down where you chose, Todoroki just following you wherever. The waiter comes up to you guys and asks what you want to drink and/or eat. Todoroki says Cold Soba with Matcha Tea. You decide on:
  7. The waiter takes your order and just before she leaves, she says, "You two are a cute couple," You:
  8. There is a small awkward silence after she leaves. You try to ignore it but it's almost impossible as he clears his throat. So instead, you try to conversate about:
  9. After the conversation, you decide to use the bathroom because you were a little nervous. After you come back out, you see the food has been served and Todoroki laughing with the waitress. You walk up to them and:
  10. (If you chose to kill the waitress it was all in your head😦) After they finish with their conversation you ate, and Todoroki looked at you with a confused look. "Is it good?" You respond with:
  11. After eating, you two decide on who's going to take the tab. Todoroki offers to pay the whole amount and you:
  12. You guys walk out and decide to go back to U.A. as it was 2 in the morning and you guys still had school tomorrow. He walks you to your dorm room and before walking in, you say:
  13. RESULT TIME! Ya ready to see yer results?

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