Which One of the "NEXT BIG THREE" Are you?

Have you ever wondered which of the Next big Three you are? Well here in this quiz you shall find out. Here you will either be Izuku Shoto or Bakugo. Get ready!

You must answer every question honestly. If you are just taking because you are curious, that is fine. If you take this because you are a big fan then Go for it!

Created by: KELSIE
  1. Best Quirk?
  2. Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh?
  3. Are you energetic?
  4. Do you have good grades?
  5. Do you hate Endeavor?
  6. Who do you hope to be?
  7. Master Duelist? IDK- I just want to know.
  8. Marvel or DC
  9. Do you even like My Hero Academia?
  10. BakuDeku

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Quiz topic: Which One of the "NEXT BIG THREE" am I?