Nerd Quiz are you a nerd?

There are many people on this planet and some of them are more nerdy than others. What are you! Do you spend all of your time doing nerdy things and being around nerdy people?

Nerds spend most of there time focusing on certain nerdy subjects like school work or math or even science. Nerds in most cases don't have many friends and spend all there time at home.

Created by: Ryan
  1. How many books do you read per year?
  2. Who is Albert Einstein?
  3. Do you own a computer?
  4. Do you play sports?
  5. Do you like to party?
  6. Do you have friends?
  7. My glasses are big and ugly
  8. I am very social
  9. How much RAM does your computer have
  10. Do you play video games?

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Quiz topic: Nerd Quiz am I a nerd?