How Badly Do You Want To Be A Nerd?

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Nerds are the best people on the earth; smart, stubborn, and sure of themselves. While many people want to be "˜popular', many want to be part of the school nerd group.

Is this you? Would you be proud to be a nerd? His badly do you want this? Are you willing to do just about anything to show off to the top nerds? Find out right here in my quiz! Comments are much appreciated! I am a nerd, myself, so if you comment we can chat about nerdy stuff! :D

Created by: Damask
  1. Do you want to be a nerd? Would you be proud to be one?
  2. The most nerdiest kid ever in te school asks what video game you're playing in your phone at recess. You...
  3. For your birthday, you ask for...
  5. You're invited to a party...
  6. The most popular girl in the school is talking to you (unless you're a guy, then it's the most popular guy) and wants to chat and be friends.
  7. I can beat you at Temple Run.
  8. Can you explain quantum machanics to me?
  9. Yo
  10. How many hours do you spend doing nerdy stuff?
  11. Was his quiz a disappointment?

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Quiz topic: How Badly do I Want To Be A Nerd?