Which Boku No Hero Academia Male Character Likes You?

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Wanna find out which male in BNHA likes you? Well then take this quiz that took me 4 hours to make.. ;-; I was gonna add more characters but my friend told me just to add four, so yeahhhhh.

Don't know what to put here so.. I'M NAMING MY CHILD CHRISTIAN CHIM CHIM. YASSSSSS. Btw if you don't like BTS or kpop that's fine, just don't bash on them too much plz they really don't deserve it.

Created by: Vixen
  1. What's your favorite color? Yes I know the dreaded question
  2. What's your personality like?
  3. How strong is your quirk?
  4. What quote do you go by?
  5. Who's your favorite pro hero?
  6. What is your favorite time of day?
  7. Ideal Date?
  8. Who do you want to get? Don't worry it doesn't affect your result.
  9. Is water wet?
  10. Whose your favorite female character?

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