Would Tamaki Amajiki Date You?

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This is a quiz about a character from a top hit show called 'My Hero Academia'. This quiz tells you wether or not Tamaki Amajiki will Date you. Tamaki is is shy wholesome high school boy.

Quiz inspirations: "I got bored and wanted to take a quick quiz about wither or not Tamaki would date me but I couldn't find any or I just wasn't looking hard enough so I decided to make a quiz. It look up a lot of time but worth it."

Created by: Jamie Black
  1. You see Tamaki standing in the corner, what do you do?
  2. Tamaki decides to tell you a secret about him, You..
  3. You see Tamaki hanging out with another girl, You decide to..
  4. Tamaki kisses you and covers his face as he's blushing like crazy. What do you do?
  5. Amajiki accidentally walks in on you changing, You..
  6. These guys are picking on Amajiki, You..
  7. You and Amajiki just had an argument, You..
  8. Tamaki sees you with his sweater on, What do you do
  9. Tamaki asks you out, You..
  10. It's raining, you forgot your umbrella so Amajiki tries to give you his, You..

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