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  • Cutting
    "I don't think fun would be quite the right word."
  • "Kinda sound like me lol"
  • Cutting
    "Lol sounds good."
  • Cutting
    "Nowadays, it's not just cause I'm upset. I just like doing it; it's addictive and fun."
  • "Who is that?"
  • Cutting
    "Not only that, but the cutting might come up, then she'd have to tell my parents..."
  • Cutting
    "I probably should bring it up to my gc. It would be hard though. She doesn't know about any of my problems. She probably thinks I have a per..."
  • Cutting
    "Honestly, it's my folks. They put a lot of pressure on me-in general. School and whatever. And they blow up over the littlest things! One ti..."
  • Cutting
    "Well, I used to cut infrequently and not too deep. I tried to stop, and it lasted 3 months, but a few weeks ago I had a massive relapse. So ..."
  • "90%?!"
  • cutting
    "oh god, i should also learn to type :p"
  • cutting
    "a good goal for the new yaer :)"
  • cutting
    "that is good advice :) i just feel that i don't deserve happiness. i've done so much bad stuff in my life, and i've hurt others so mu"
  • cutting
    "*i don't think there's sorry about all the typos"
  • cutting
    "i don't have any option besides that. i mean, i don't there's any way i can be a happy person in the future, no matter what i do."

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