Are You Good With Horses?

Horses are amazing creatures. They love having a fair, good leader who they can trust. Is that you? Find out whether your horse is thinking of you as a best friend or worst enemy.

Some people are good with horses, and some aren't. Do you think you are or aren't? You might be surprised! Find out with the click of a mouse whether you are a horse's dream owner or worst nightmare.

Created by: horseygal99
  1. What would you do if your horse bit you?
  2. Your horse spooks. You...
  3. A little kid asks you if they can help groom your horse. You say...
  4. Your friend knows nothing about riding. She is very eager to learn, so you take her to the barn with you. She asks if she can ride your horse. You say...
  5. What bit do you usually use?
  6. Your horse refuses a jump. You...
  7. Which of the following would you prefer?
  8. When your horse gets old you will...
  9. Which of the following most describes you?
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Good With Horses?