Are You A Good Horse Person/Do Horses Like You?

This quiz is one of my greatest yet! It will tell you whether a horse just dreams to be YOUR horse or if you are even a good horse person! Horses are special animals and deserve to be treated right!

Are YOU a good horse person? Do horses see you and know that you are any horses' dream owner? This quiz will help you find out! So why wait to find out if horses *REALLY* like you!

Created by: Mich
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  1. If a horse nudges/nuzzles you, and is pushing so hard you have to take a step back, what do you do?
  2. You are going on a trail ride, and your horse rears and neighs! It's ears are back and its teeth are showing! It lands and breaks into a gallop!
  3. Your horse is kicking it's stomach with its back leg...It looks as though your horse might have colic!
  4. Your going for a trail ride and your horse suddenly stops. You cluck to it, and give it a tap with your foot...Still wont move.
  5. You're walking home from school and there's a horse pasture along the way.
  6. You would rather...
  7. How would you feel if someone else (not a good friend) wanted to ride on YOUR horse?
  8. You are riding your horse, and a *small* stream is ahead. You smile, you really want to jump this little brook! It would be so fun! But your horse wont budge. It nickers as if scared.
  9. If your horse was very sick and lonely, what would you do?
  10. Your friends are going on a trail ride. You are invited to come - but your horse is sick.

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Horse Person/Do Horses Like You?