Do You Know Horses?

This quiz will let you know if you need to read up on how to handle horses or be a good and ready horse owner. After all you don't want to do the wrong thing while caring for a horse!

This quiz will have some questions about horse care. Some will be about basic horse facts to know. There a few that might not be needed but it is okay to have.

Created by: Lizzi

  1. What is a palomino?
  2. If a horse is keeping its wait off a leg what should you do?
  3. Can a horse burp?
  4. If a horse wont eat what should you do?
  5. What is Rain Rot?
  6. What is a currycomb?
  7. What is not a color?
  8. Can foals be lilac or pink?
  9. What is not a breed.
  10. Horses can become lame from a stone.

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Horses?