Ten pointless wars in history?

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Thread Topic: Ten pointless wars in history?

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    VegeKaka Hot Shot

    I'm surprised that the Paraguayan War is not on there. So here's a summary of it.
    Francisco Solano Lopez, who was president of Paraguay during the time, loved Napoleon Bonaparte. He thought that he was a pretty good commander himself. But, there was a lack of war for him to show off. So he started war with neighboring countries Brasil, Argentina, and Uruguay.
    The war was so bloody that it's known as the bloodiest war in Southern American history, and it almost destroyed Paraguay. 90% of Paraguay's male population was killed, and there were 400,000 deaths on both sides. Most of which coming from Paraguay.

    Vale, there you go.
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    sara63 Advanced
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    VegeKaka Hot Shot
    Yes, 90% of the male population. You know, if I do have my notes right. >.>
    That's basically why it's called the bloodiest war in Southern American history. Then it's not too hard to believe, seeing that Paraguay was almost wiped off the map because of it.

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