What Breed of Horse are you?

Horses are amazing creatures! Like humans, each has their own personality! Find out how you and horses mix.

What breed of horse do you think you are? You might be surprised! You may be the graceful Arabian Horse, or the crazy, very distinct, Shetland Pony! Go on, you know you wanna know.

Created by: Eliza
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  1. Your friends are throwing you a surprise birthday party! It's the big day, you walk into your house and everybody yells "Surprise!". What do you do?
  2. You're thinking of buying a new car. What do you characteristics do you want in your new ride?
  3. You have a totally free Saturday for once! What do you wanna do?
  4. Speaking in horse form, what would be your ideal thing to do with your rider?
  5. You're getting a new book, you've decided! What do you get?
  6. You're fave song is playing at a party, what do you do?
  7. It's movie night! What movie do you go to see?
  8. Oh my gosh, you and 5 people have won a trip to California's Adventure park and DISNEYLAND! What becomes your favorite ride?
  9. It's 105 degrees outside, you and your friends are DYING! What do you wanna do?
  10. Wow, now it's -20 degrees outside, brr! What do you wanna do?

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Quiz topic: What Breed of Horse am I?