How much do you know about Harold Lloyd?

Perhaps no image from the silent-film era is more famous than a young man hanging off a broken clock face. The man in that picture is Harold Lloyd, who, during his career, filmed over 200 silent movies. It is no lie that he was a comic genius.

How well do you know Harold Lloyd, "the Third Genius"? Do you know his movies and his life? Are you a true fan of this great man? My short quiz will tell you!

Created by: sara63
  1. In what year was Harold born?
  2. What was Harold's trademark look?
  3. Initially, what comic characters did Harold portray?
  4. Which film from 1925 involved college football?
  5. Which film involved the famous clock scene?
  6. Which film depicted Harold as stuttering, lonely, and in love?
  7. In 1923, who did Harold marry?
  8. What is Harold's estate called?
  9. How many children did Harold have?
  10. What happened to Harold on August 24, 1919?
  11. When and how did Harold die?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Harold Lloyd?