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This is a quiz for the British Comedy institution which is The Comic Strip Presents. The Comic Strip began performing at the Raymond Revue Bar in London's Soho in the early 1980s. After meeting with Ian Bolland at Channel 4 The Comic Strip Presents was commissioned. Production came quickly and the first episode was broadcast on 2nd November 1982 with 'Five go mad in Dorset' a spoof on the Enid Blyton series. Being part of the opening night of Channel 4 helped boost exposure for the fledgling film makers and thus The Comic Strip Presents were born.

Over 30 films and 25 years later they still have an appeal, and no matter where you go I am almost certain you will find a fan. Films include: Five go mad in Dorset, Les Dogs, GLC, Four men in a plane

Created by: Emma
  1. Name the Band Members of Bad News
  2. In Gino Full Story and Pics, Gino and Angie hold a shopkeeper at gunpoint. Who played the shopkeeper?
  3. Which Comic Strip Film won the Golden Rose of Montreux?
  4. Complete the song lyric: "I'm a copper, who takes his time and..."
  5. Where did the Comic Strip first start performing in the early 1980s?
  6. Which member of rock band Queen produced the Bad News single - Bohemian Rhapsody?
  7. Which one of these people have NOT been in a Comic Strip Film
  8. Where was the majority of The Supergrass filmed?
  9. Who directed a documentary on The Comic Strip in the early 1980s?
  10. How many Comic Strip Films have there been-not including "The Pope Must Die" and "Eat The Rich"?

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