My comic series quiz( very challenging)

I have two comic series that i draw, since nobody knows what in gods name theyre about and what goes on in it, i decided to make this quiz to see how far somebody could get in it with no knowledge of the subject.

Do YOU have time to spare? if so go through this 2 part 40 question quiz.Now when you think you want to waste a few minutes of your time, start this quiz.

Created by: Tom

  1. What is the name of my first comic series?( easy one here><)
  2. Who is the main character of Angelwing?
  3. who is Akus main enemy?
  4. what is the hidden trick in Louis Sifers name?
  5. what kind of pet does Aku have?
  6. what is this dragons name?
  7. who was the first villan Aku faced?
  8. what is The Givers real name?
  9. what is The Givers power?
  10. what is the seceret that Margali tells Aku at the end of "volume" 6?
  11. how tall is the real Leglanchor?
  12. how tall is Leglanchor when he's in his suit?
  13. How did Daiskue die?
  14. Who was Aku nearly killed by?
  15. Why did Atachi hate Aku?
  16. How old is Aku?
  17. What is Louis Sifer?
  18. Which female character has a crush on Aku?
  19. what are the things that Aku uses to cast spells called?
  20. LAST ONE FOR THIS PART! Who was the first villan to ever defeat Aku?
  21. what is the name of my new comi?
  22. who is the main character?
  23. what does arc have 6 of?
  24. who is the main villan?
  25. which of these is NOT one of Pazuzus powers?
  26. what is Rikimarus job?
  27. why does Rikimaru have problems with being a ninja?
  28. who was the first demon Arc fought?
  29. What does arc find out about Rikimaru and Tabatha?
  30. why is Arc so important to Pazuzu?
  31. how many Astrates are there?
  32. why is talking with Cthulu so annoying and tiring?
  33. why is Rikimaru blind?
  34. what is Tabathas power
  35. why was tabatha mad at Arc when they first met?
  36. who is Pazuzus most sadistic henchman?
  37. what is Rikimarus signature jutsu?
  38. what name do the priests give Arc in the begining in order to protect him from pazuzu?
  39. who was the first person killed in the comic?
  40. FINAL QUESTION!!!!!!!! if you take the number of" volumes of Angelwing and add it to the number of " volumes" of Excorsism and subtract the number of people that say they like it but are just bs-ing

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