Which designer brand are you?

This is pretty much a quiz for girls...However, if you think this quiz might work for you, then go for it. Who am I to judge, right? Meh, since this happens to have to be a certain number of characters long which I can't specify since it won't let me, I might as well start writing some nonsense to take up space....yup.

(Continuation of gibberish from last paragraph). There once lived a little boy named Harold who enjoyed to eat the occasional banana cream pie to satiate his sweet tooth.

Created by: Leah
  1. Your look can be best described as:
  2. When it comes to getting dressed, you like to wear:
  3. You'd rather be:
  4. Your friends would probably describe you as:
  5. Where would you rather live?
  6. If you were a designer, which of the following products would you prefer to be famous for?
  7. Your clients would include:
  8. Do you wear clothing that has a gothic feel to it?
  9. Your style is very:
  10. *Random Question to take up space* Sala Qui Yo May?

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Quiz topic: Which designer brand am I?