how pakistani are you

There are a lot Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan. Some claim to be more Pakistani than others. Some are given the title FOB and others ABCD. I just think that they are all Pakistani one way or the other.

This quiz is designed to test some basic knowledge and understanding. There are quite a few stereotypical questions here but a "true Pakistani" will be able to answer them correctly (In theory at least)

Created by: desidude
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Whats your favorite food?
  2. After dinner, you prefer to
  3. When you were little you used to get spanked by your
  4. The most preferred form of punishment by our mom or dad was
  5. Your favorite afternoon snack
  6. Your favorite movie?
  7. How or where do you gets your clothes from?
  8. Favorite fruit?
  9. Which one of these you associate with Pakistan?
  10. Your brother or sister born and raised in Amreeka is most likely to listen to who?
  11. You are most likely to
  12. When you go to a restaurant with your family, you are most likely to order
  13. Among your American born brother's friends are
  14. You are invited to a desi party at a friends house on Saturday at 7:30 PM
  15. If you are a girl you are most likely to be married by the age of?
  16. If you are a guy you are most likely to be married by the age of?
  17. At weddings you are most likely to have these people
  18. You are most likely to NOT have one of these in your extended family
  19. You know by heart the lyrics to:
  20. You are most likely to play these sports.
  21. In your house you are most likely to have
  22. Half of your family lives in one of these countries
  23. At home you are most likely to watch

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