How Pakistani Are You?

We all know that Pakistan is the hottest thing around. And everyone wants to claim some Pakistan in their genes! But we need something to separate the wheat from the chaff ...

So the question is, how Pakistani are you? Put on some relaxing qawwali music, get a nice cup of chai, and take this quiz to find out! (you may wish to start it 45 minutes late, just to get into the right frame of mind)

Created by: moi of mcpagal
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  1. You walk into a dark room. What do you do?
  2. Your mother has an older friend called Julie, with kids called Jane and John. You call them...
  3. At school, you wore:
  4. You score 97% in a maths test at school. Your parents say:
  5. How many of the following are you related to: a shopkeeper, a doctor, a dentist, an engineer, an accountant, a man with a beer belly even though he never drinks.
  6. A close relative has had a baby boy! What do you take to their house as a gift?
  7. Your teenage sister was seen at the local shopping sister kissing a boy. What do your parents do?
  8. Your male cousin is washing dishes while his sisters watch TV. You think this is:
  9. You see something you like in a shop, but it's too expensive. You:
  10. How many of the following do you have in your extended family: a performer, an artist, a plumber, a joiner, someone who's always early for everything
  11. Pakistan are playing England at cricket. You support:
  12. Now India are playing England. You support:
  13. Did any of your instant messenger contacts have anything along the lines of 'RIP BOB WOOLMER' in their screen names?
  14. Pak sar zameen shad bad!
  15. You are served a plate of spaghetti. What would be your ideal accompaniment?
  16. You are visited by an elderly relative. When greeting them you expect them to:
  17. Someone asks you if you are Indian. You are:
  18. Qayd e Azam was:
  19. You and your family are arriving home from a trip abroad. You are met by:
  20. Your favourite dessert is:
  21. You are likely to have friends named:
  22. Out of these 4, who do you think is the best looking?
  23. It's been a long hot summer, and a friend comments on your tan. You might say:
  24. You are invited to a wedding for 6.30pm. You arrive at:
  25. How many of the following might be found in your house: a ornamental tissue box cover, a collection of chappal, 50lb sacks of rice and flour, coconut oil, a lota, and a medical student.
  26. The door has just slammed shut by itself! What might have caused it?
  27. Your hypothetical friend admires and praises your hypothetical baby. You reply:
  28. Last question before you can see your results! Which of these is the flag of Pakistan?

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Quiz topic: How Pakistani am I?