The ULTIMATE Phineas and Ferb Test (Extreme Fans ONLY)!!

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This is the quiz for all of you out there who want a CHALLENGE and I mean it when I say that so turn back!!! It's too dangerous for weaklings to pass!!! (I'm just kidding you can take this quiz no matter what I love you peeps).

But seriously, this quizis for the extreme fans to test their knowledge. This test is only for fun and do not take your score too seriously (but you should definitely take my feedback seriously!) Cover art by SomePkmn-LovingDude on DeviantArt (I love that drawing so much I had to make it the cover).

Created by: epicpnflozwoflvr
  1. Okay, let's start easy: Who are the voice actors for Phineas, Candace, Isabella, Buford, and Linda in that order?
  2. Hopefully that was easy, because it's getting harder. What was the date that Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe came out and who had the largest character arc throughout the movie?
  3. I think that one was too easy; how about this: How old is Phineas in the episode “Act Your Age”?
  4. Okay, this one's a tricky one: What were the names of the monkeys juggling bicycles mentioned in the first episode?
  5. What was the first thing Phineas said in the Tower in the episode “Escape From Phineas Tower”?
  6. Feeling okay, because it's time for a break. Here's an easy one: Who was the first and last female character to appear in the series?
  7. Has Phineas ever had a cavity in the show?
  8. In which of these episodes does Phineas NOT yell/argue with Candace?
  9. Okay, lets change it up a little: When is Ferb's birthday?
  10. Almost to the end!! This one's the easiest: What was the name of the episode where Jeremy Johnson first appeared?
  11. Getting close; What the name of the kid Buford put a toilet on their head one of Isabella's flashbacks?
  12. Last question, end strong! How many episodes based on Greek Mythology are in the show?
  13. What is/are the word(s) that are on the top of the Haunted House in “One Good Scare Ought To Do It?”
  14. Let's do some “finish the lyrics” to catch a break. “I never tried flying or spreading my wings—
  15. Next one: “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine—
  16. Last one for now: “As long as we had a good time—
  17. Yeah, those were too easy. Pick a quote for the fun of it:
  18. Okay, that's it!! Hope you had fun. Another just-for-fun question: Ona scale of 1-5, how excited are you for the Phineas and Ferb reboot??

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