How Pakistani Are You?

Pakistani are confident, craving for better things, smart, overachieving, fancy, not to mention good looking. They have clever mind and the truth is they are better than Indians(duh). Pakistan is the hottest thing around.

Do you think your a pakistani. I don't believe you! Prove me wrong by taking this quiz. There is only one way to find out. It only takes a few minutes to take?

Created by: NokiaPk95
  1. You earned a 95% in a really difficult class(honors, AP, Maths) Your parents would say...
  2. If someone asks is your indian. You feel...
  3. When arriving at Parties you tend to be?
  4. What Cell Phone do you own?
  5. What cars do you own?
  6. What do you wear to school in western societies.
  7. Where do you shop for clothing.
  8. Take a look at your T. V. Remote.
  9. What is your favorite airline?
  10. Where would you like to live.
  11. What Religion do you follow?
  12. When you meet an elder you would...
  13. Which of these women do you think is the most beautiful?
  14. What would be your ideal Hot drink.
  15. What is your favorite Cafe?
  16. What is your favorite dish?
  17. We all have Priorities, Select the one that matches best to your situation.
  18. At school you are made fun of because your...

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Quiz topic: How Pakistani am I?