What Personality Disorder Do You Have?

Many people have different disorders that they don't even know about. This quiz might help, but then again, it's just for fun, no? This might be able to tell you if you have difficulties in relationships, or just trouble in social situations.

Do you think you have a personality disorder? You might, but you don't know it, a lot aren't actually too serious, but it's good to know. This might help tell you a little something.

Created by: Amber Ruder
  1. Is it easy for you to trust people?
  2. Do you believe in conspirasies, or believe that there is hidden information behind something?
  3. Do you avoid relationships, or try to get out of one whenever you feel it won't benefit you?
  4. Do you prefer to be alone or surrounded by people?
  5. Do you show your emotions?
  6. Do you seek isolation from others?
  7. Do you think of yourself as having a conscience, or do you not care about what anyone else thinks but yourself?
  8. Do you have bouts of anger?
  9. Have you ever thought of suicide?
  10. In your opinion, does something HAVE to be either a "yes" or a "no" all the time?
  11. Do you seek attention?
  12. Do you think everyone loves you?
  13. Do you feel anxious when engaged in a social situation?
  14. Do you need to have some one take care of you?
  15. When your Boyfriend/Girlfriend broke up with you (if they did), did you act suicidal?
  16. Does everything need to be perfect?
  17. Do you set high standards on yourself or others?
  18. When you make an important decision, do you worry you might make mistakes?

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Quiz topic: What Personality Disorder do I Have?