What Type of Depressed Are You?

Depression is often called the common cold of mental illness. This quiz cannot be used to accurately diagnose a mental disorder, however symptoms *are* based on real criteria. See a professional mental health provider for proper diagnosis.

There's a slight trigger warning in that some questions ask about self harm, however there is no further elaboration or details. Proceed at your own risk.

Created by: LOL99
  1. Have you lost interest in activities you used to enjoy?
  2. How often do you feel depressed or irritable?
  3. Which best describes your appetite?
  4. Which best describes your sleep?
  5. Which best describes your emotions?
  6. Which best describes your movement?
  7. How much energy do you have?
  8. Which best describes your sense of self worth?
  9. Imagine that you've been given an award. Out of more than 100 people, you've been selected for this award! How would you react?
  10. How difficult is it to make decisions for you?
  11. How often do you think about self harm and/or want to harm yourself?
  12. How often do you self harm?
  13. How do you feel about death/suicide?
  14. How long have you felt depressed?
  15. How many of these 9 symptoms do you have *nearly every day*?
    1) Depressed mood or irritable for most of the day
    2) Decreased interest or pleasure
    3) Significant weight change
    4) Change in sleep
    5) Change in activity
    6) Fatigue or loss of energy
    7) Feeling of guilt or worthlessness
    8) Concentration difficulty
    9) Thoughts of harming myself
  16. How often do you feel euphoric?
  17. Do you ever experience times when your thoughts are racing and you start talking faster?
  18. Do you experience periods where you become reckless and take lots of risks?
  19. Do you ever feel like you need less sleep, or no sleep at all?
  20. Questions 18-21 describe a manic episode. If you experience mania, how severe is it?
  21. Have you recently experienced a major or traumatic event?
  22. Why did you take this quiz? (does not impact score).

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Quiz topic: What Type of Depressed am I?