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  • Your Result: Bipolar 89%

    You have extreme mood swings, ranging from extreme mania to severe depression. While this test cannot diagnose you, it can't hurt to speak with a doctor if this interferes with your life. Bipolar disorder is frequently misunderstood, so researching it is a good idea, if you haven't already.

    79% Cyclothymia
    57% Major Depressive Disorder
    56% Dysthymia
    0% Situational Depression
    0% Sadness
    0% Generally Happy

    I also think I have this but I'm just not sure.....

    • Cyclothymia So basically milder bipolar.
      This seems about right actually

  • Dysthymia 86%

    Dysthymia is a period of chronic, mild depression. While the DSM 5 does not include dysthymia, the criteria from DSM 4 was taken into account when this quiz was made. Dysthymia lasts for 2 to 20 years, and 2 years is the minimum to be diagnosed in adults (1 year for kids and teens). This is not professional advice, but you might consider bringing your concerns up with a doctor.

    right <3

  • Your Result: Major Depressive Disorder 91%

    Accurate, life just doesn't feel worth living anymore

  • I'm 17 and I've felt like this since around 4th and 7th grade

  • Dysthymia


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