How good is your mental health?

Trigger warning: This quiz mentions self harm and suicide. Are you feeling depressed? Anxious, maybe? Do you want to know how mentally healthy you are? If so, you're in the right place. (Call 988 if you need to reach out to someone for mental health issues.)

Just a few questions, and you can get an indication of how good your mental health is. And yes, of course you are allowed to take this quiz if you are happy. (If this quiz is not accurate, tell me to add more questions.)

Created by: grimmchild
  1. If you had a health bar for your mental health, how full would it be? In case you don't know, the more full the health bar is, the healthier you are.
  2. Has anything bad happened to you lately, and did you deal with it well?
  3. If someone asked if you were ok, how would you respond honestly?
  4. If you had a health bar for your mental energy (ability to think and make decisions), how full would it be?
  5. Has your attitude been negative lately?
  6. Have you had suicidal thoughts lately?
  7. Have you purposely harmed yourself in any way, mental or physical?
  8. Have you thought about harming yourself in any way, mental or physical?
  9. Have you lost interest in any activities you used to enjoy?
  10. If you had a health bar for your self-esteem, how full would it be? (100% full does not mean you're super narcissistic, it just means you don't hate yourself at all)
  11. Is anything bad happening at school? (Skip this if you don't go to school)
  12. What would you have to do to get your mental health back to normal?
  13. How would you describe your mental health with one word/phrase?
  14. Are you being abused by anybody in any way? (Physical, emotional, etc.)
  15. Do you have any trauma that is painful to remember/think about?
  16. Have you been experiencing any of these?

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Quiz topic: How good is my mental health?