What mental illness do you have?

This is just for fun so please don’t take any of this seriously. If you’re concerned about have a mental illness please get help and don’t use this quiz as diagnosis. This quiz is probably inaccurate. If it’s a accurate please tell me that would be nice to know and feel accomplished about.

I got most of these definitions from the urban dictionary. If they don’t make sense or you want to know more I recommend more reliable research and maybe asking your doctor or a medical professional.

Created by: Jasmine
  1. Do you enjoy eating?
  2. Do you have positive interactions with other humans?
  3. You hear people whispering.
  4. Do you have bad body image?
  5. Do you like to have routine?
  6. Do you have a number for routine?
  7. When did you last weigh yourself?
  8. Someone walks up to you in the street
  9. what Your biggest fear?
  10. Did u have doing this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What mental illness do I have?