How Patrick are You?

There are many disgusting people, but few true Patricks. Patrick is, after all, quite exceptional. Who is Patrick? Patrick is someone who has an extraordinarily boozey mind, is unable to solve even the simplest of problems, and sees the world through a grotesquely warped point of view.

Are YOU Patrick? Do you have the lack of personal worth to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now, you could only wonder. But, thanks to this great quiz, in just a few moments, you can find out?

Created by: E Lunatic

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  1. Would you rather:
  2. When answering the previous question, did you hold your chin and go, "HHHHHHHMMMMMMM...?"
  3. Have you already, or are you about to scroll down the page to see how many questions there are?
  4. What's 2+2?
  5. "Myew-tu." Did I spell that wrong?
  6. You're a freshman in high school. It's Saturday. You've got a one-page essay due in a month. Your buddy calls up, wanting to do s---. Should he have known that you can't do anything because you've got a one-page essay due in a month?
  7. Do you live in constant fear that someone will draw male genitalia on your face?
  8. Do you have any of the following friends:
  9. How many times a week are you told to hand over your keys, being drunk?
  10. Roadhouse
  11. Which is the most sensible reason to own rabbits?
  12. Do you wish Joe would stop insisting that you get off your ass and do stuff?
  13. Do you live in constant fear that people will remove the contents of your lunchbox and draw smiley faces on it?
  14. Let's say you're working in a group on a project for school, or work. Will you:
  15. What do you have to say about this quiz?

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