What Bon Cop Bad Cop Are You?

Bon Cop Bad Cop was a bilingual Canadian movie released in August 2006. It starred Colm Feore and Patrick Huard. There are a lot of memorable characters, which one are you?

Which one ARE you? I'm sure you want to know. If you've never seen the movie, just take the quiz anyway, you're probably as bored as I was when I made this quiz.

Created by: Jim

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  1. Are you French or English?
  2. What do you usually wear to work?
  3. Where do you work? (Or would like to work)
  4. Say there's a serial killer on the loose. What would you most likely be doing (or want to do)?
  5. Can you speak French?
  6. Can you speak English?
  7. What quote can you see yourself saying?
  8. What best describes you?
  9. You have to go into a bar (in Quebec) to do some undercover work for a case. What's your approach?
  10. Would you ever throw a suspect in the trunk of your car?
  11. Can you swear in French?

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Quiz topic: What Bon Cop Bad Cop am I?