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Don't read this. It is pointless. Why are you wasting your time? If you want to do something worthwhile, read below. Yes, do it. Read the paragrap below. Are you still reading? Well, you just wasted your time. Now read below.

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Created by: Nikki_Knox
  1. First of all, why are you here?
  2. What on your mind at the moment?
  3. Is there something on your mind at all?
  4. Okay, so here's what you have to do:
  5. Whether you're thinking of a question you can't answer, a choice you need help making, a crush you just can't stop wondering about or whether you just need a place to rant, you've come to the right place.
  6. Why? Simple. This quiz isn't really a quiz, but more of an "Ask Nikki" kind of thing. You're thinking of something, I know it. Don't lie. Whatever it is, post it in the comments.
  7. Why? Because: Within about one day (accurately, I'm serious) I will give you my feedback/opinion/answer to whatever qeustions or thoughts you had.
  8. So, all you have to do is check back here tomorrow and read through the comments: I'm sure you'll find my response.
  9. To get back to this quiz, either type in the name of it in the "Search" bar, or type in "Nikki_Knox", where you'll find the link.
  10. Now, let me get something straight: THis is not a place for judgement, nor is it a place where I or others will make fun of you. This is where you can think aloud. If you want to rant about how you hate your life, go right on ahead. Sympathy and understanding is all you'll get from me. Be open, and remember: the truth will set you free.
  11. So... what are you waiting for?

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Quiz topic: Have Anything on my Mind? Anything at All? CLICK HERE