Ought You Be a Dronas Brother?

Beyond doubt, you are plagued. Every morning when you're dragging yourself to your lot in this fleeting world you wonder: is there not a greater imperative? What if there was... something else? What if I could be... a Dronas Brother?

So what the Hell is a Dronas Brother, you say? It's not a Jonas Brother, and furthermore, they stole our syllable scheme, not the other way 'round. Regardless, I'm hungry and have no time to fritter away authoring insignificant descriptions. You'll figure out what the Hell a Dronas Brother is by the end of the quiz anyway; he's the person you chooses the most outrageous responses.

Created by: E Lunatic of Mah Page
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  1. Do you folks like coffee?
  2. "What the Hell is wrong with you?!"
  3. "What are you smokin?"
  4. Other peoples' blood, it's best used as...
  5. Sabbath, Priest, Majesty. Am I talking about Christianity and/or royalty?
  6. Skillet, Sporks. Am I talking about culinary equipment?
  7. Stan, Ike, Chef. Am I talking about South Park characters?
  8. Which of the following do you most agree with?
  9. Which is the set of grammatically correct terms?
  10. Of these, how would you most likely describe someone who would slit their own wrist? Commit suicide?
  11. Which of these is obviously the best way for a woman to guard against raep?
  12. Which kicks more arse?
  13. Of these, which is the best gaming platform?
  14. Are you currently a member of any Tea and Biscuits society or club?
  15. Is she a sport?
  16. Which of these would you most agree with?
  17. When quizzes on this site ask for your favourite animal, are you constantly frustrated when "me" is not listed?
  18. Which of these best matches your opinion on organised co-operation to accomplish tasks?
  19. Of these sleep schedules, which do you NATURALLY operate closest to?
  20. Continued...
  21. If I made a joke about Voodoo Madjikz, would you understand the humour inherent in the subject?
  22. How many of the following apply to you: wears black boxers, favourite ice cream is black raspberry, favourite common seasoning is black pepper, wonders why, oh why, you didn't take the black pill, has black eyeglass frames, favourite racist horror movie is Blacula?
  23. There is no spoon, therefore...
  24. Capotain.
  25. Do you have a legitimate Class Four zombie survival plan?
  26. Does it involve any of the following as a key point in the plan?
  27. Which is the set of proper terms?
  28. Which of these would you say?
  29. How many unique varieties of bladed weapons can you name? (E.g. claymore, kriss, wackozushi...) You may only include the examples given if you would have named them otherwise.
  30. Assume that you know you will be going into some sort of survival situation. With just that information and only four minutes to prepare, how well-equipped will you be? Note that you may not leave your home for the duration of the four minutes.
  31. Would the average person at all recognise your political ideaology? Religion?
  32. Are you able to insult someone in any of the following languages?
  33. Are you able to speak in a way such that an average layman could understand what you are trying to convey, along with most pop culture references you make?
  34. From which set of names would you most likely call an animal companion of yours?
  35. The Full Moon, it's pretty cool, right?
  36. Which is the best way to eat steak?
  37. The Four Horsemen: How many are vampyres/werewolves/psychic vampyres/teh moest friggin psychicerist/drunken Irishmen/totally baked/fascinated by shiny objects?
  38. What did the guys from Return of the Living Dead do wrong? (Even if you haven't seen it, you should be able to figure this out.)
  39. Do supposedly-dramatic scenes that state the obvious piss you off? For example, "...derp derp derp suggests two assailants," "Then we're looking for two murderers...!"
  40. Which of the following best explains the success of the American Witch in her second appearance as opposed to her initial failure?
  41. Three of Spades amirite?!
  42. Which of these groups of Tarot personifications do you most identify with?
  43. Which of these Slacker quotes would you most likely say if you were asked on a date by someone whom you do not find attractive in the least bit?
  44. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
  45. In realist's terms, how many of the following musical genres actually exist? Mathcore, manticore, deathcore, thrashcore, smashcore, maimcore, manglecore, brutalcore, kickasscore, blackcore?
  46. Which of these -faces is known for peaceably avoiding traffic tickets?
  47. Are you paranoid/narcissistic/OCD/manic-depressive/ADHD/demented/mentally retarded/schizophrenic/psychopathic? Do you have a martyr complex/sleep disorder/antisocial behaviour/misplaced affinity for British grammar/hatred of duct tape?
  48. Which is home to Friggin Horrific Movie Friday?

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