How much do you love him?

Fun Fun Fun quiz about love, get into yourself and see what you really think about him. He may be the love of your life, your big brother or little brother kind of guy, or the guy you would never want to get involved with...

You know how you feel, or at least you think you do. Think of the guy and answer honestly, you may just discover a little something new about yourself.

Created by: Nadine
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  1. When your phone rings and you know its him, do you...
  2. When he's coming over to visit, do you?
  3. When you go out together, do you...?
  4. Your going shopping at the mall, and you walk past this store that reminds you of him, do you?
  5. He left something on your porch the last time he visited, do you...
  6. Do you...
  7. Do you ever dream about...
  8. last but not least, how do you see yourself?
  9. If he gave you flowers, would you..
  10. do you..

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Quiz topic: How much do I love him?