Which Old World Nation are You?

Have you ever wondered where your forefathers came to this great nation from? Well, you probably already know, and for all I know, you might not be American in the first place.

Try not to think about that as you're taking this quiz. Warning: if you don't have a good sense of humor about your heritage, don't take this quiz, because if I'm right, you're gonna be pissed.

Created by: E Lunatic

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  1. Best booze:
  2. You dance more:
  3. Let's say you've got a new job. Without knowing what it is, what do you think you'd most likely be bringing to work?
  4. Would you rather:
  5. Let's say you're living on a farm and the crops fail. You've planned for this. You can back yourself up with:
  6. What would you rather have for dessert?
  7. You know songs about:
  8. Would you describe your eyes as:
  9. Let's say you're put in charge of some sort of project that's not doing well. Do you:
  10. Describe your parents.

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Quiz topic: Which Old World Nation am I?