How Hard To Love Are You?

Lots of people out there think that they are hard to love. But ARE they? It's easy to think that you're loveable and in love, but does your counter-part think the same?

Why is a love life so difficult? Are you hard-to-love and your partner in love think you're not the right one? You'll never know unless you take my How Hard To Love Are You? quiz.

Created by: Fire_Fairy
  1. How outgoing are you 1-10?
  2. Be honest, would you EVER think of double-dating?
  3. What are your grades like?
  4. What is your idea of a dream date?
  5. What's the best love song here?
  6. Would you text your bf/gf about the people you don't like? (the story about this is a long one)
  7. Would you work on your homework or call you boyfriend/girlfriend?
  8. Are you loud?
  9. Girls: Capris, Bermuda Shorts, Jeans, or Booty-Shorts?
  10. Guys: Jeans, Shorts, Bermuda Shorts, or a Bathing Suit?

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Quiz topic: How Hard To Love am I?