Are We Best Friends?

This quiz is all about me. You will soon find out if you know who i am as a person. What I love what i hate and who i am, if you dont already know. If You Score poorly you probably shouldnt tell me, just kidding. I will love you anyways. But if you score highly i will be genuinly supprise

This quiz had some easy questions and some very hard one but dont worry about the hard ones because even if you get them wrong you will have a chance to redeem yourself. This quiz isnt really a big deal its just for fun so dont take it too seriously.

Created by: rachael

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  1. This Question Is Very Easy If You Pay Any Attention To Me. So Wow! Me And Tell Me What My Favorite Band Is?
  2. This One Is Harder Unless You Have 5th Period With Me. What Is My Favorite Flavor Slushie?
  3. What Am I Good At In School?
  4. What Is My Favorite Painting?
  5. This Is Very Hard So I Will Give You A Small Hint *Cats* What Is My Favorite Egyptian God Or Godess?
  6. What Is My Favorite Song?
  7. What Is My Favorite Book?
  8. What Is My Favorite 80's Movie?
  9. Ok Time For An Easy One, What does my hair look like?
  10. What Is My Political Status?
  11. Ok Last One, What Is My Biggest Goal?

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